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Friday, September 3, 2010

time for some ZVT fun

With reaper play now a days its a little hard to expanded early for some zerg but this is a two hatch muta build
  The point of this build is to hold you main and expo with a queen and speedlings untill mutas come out
  • 9 Overlord
  • 14 Gas
  • 14 Spawning Pool
  • 15 Overlord
  • 16 Queen
  • 18 Metabolic Boost (Remove 2 drones from gas) 
  • 18 2 pairs of Zerglings
  • 20 Hatchery[2] (3 drones on gas)
  • (@100% Queen) Queen[2] 
  • 24 Overlord
  • (@100 Gas) Lair, Gas[2]
  • (@100% Lair) Spire
  • (@100 Gas) Overseer  
Scouting wins games so:

Use your initial scout to determine if fast reapers are on the way.Use the two initial zerglings to scout up your opponents ramp.A reactor on a barracks often indicates a factory looking to produce extra hellions for a marine/hellion attack. A Command Center indicates a fast expand, allowing you to safely macro up.
 The power behind muta's is the harassment so harras all scv's you can and units that you that are alone or unguarded. Go for unprotected buildings and throw him off!

Early game pressure!

The amount of zerglings you make after 18 supply will vary depending on the amount of pressure your Terran opponent puts on you. Use Queens, Spinecrawlers, and Speedlings on Creep to fight Marines, Hellions, Marauders, and Reapers. Your goal is to build as many Drones as you can while keeping your natural and getting Mutalisks up.

Against reapers and hellions metabolic boost is needed!
Go for the surrounded keep your lings near the cliff where he might jump and keep them hidden so when he attacks you can flank with a surround

 Against a bio ball you need banelings and baneling speed. They will destroy the bio ball easy
To stop early bio pressure get some spine crawlers


  1. i waited years for starcraft to come out, and i still havent gotten it yet. maybe its time >_<

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  3. niceee good post mate starcraft ftw!