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Sunday, September 12, 2010

sme tips of the trade

this is the type of game where you do not get good over night.

Here are some tips you should imply every game.

1. constant scv production
this game is an economical game its the most important part

2.practice builds over and over
make it so its second nature to you

3. macro is important!
while fight build more units constant production is key

4. scout
you must i mean MUST SCOUT! if you do not scout how do you know what your opponent is doing?

5. expand
in the mid to late game one base is not enough you must push out and expand when you can

this comes with practice but learn when to attack and when not to

7. attack and expand
the object is to wipe out his army but if you lose a fight while taking out most of his forces than obviously he will not attack so its safe to expand

8. if your enemy are is an immobile one as in he is turtling then this mean you exploit his immobility by dropping his base? expanding? attacking his expansion where he cant get to in time? exploit his weakness and while doing this expand


  1. very good tips for beginners and even long time players

  2. I think this kind of applies to all RTSs. :P

  3. yeah good stuff here. wish i had the money to buy the second one :/

  4. nice, should help me out a bit ;)

  5. huh useful tips my man... following

  6. Thanks for sharing this mate...
    Will check on you daily :)

  7. lol pretty generic info but always appreciated

  8. followin 'n' showin mah luv daily :)

  9. thanks! have to try em out now! :P

  10. I dislike 4 cos it feels like I'm wasting time! But this is probably why I always loose haha :p

  11. portin

  12. I'll have to keep these in mind for next time. Thanks!


  13. I dont play Terran so I wouldn't know if you are right but it sure looks alright.

  14. thanks for the tips brah.

    daily lurvs

  15. you need to remember each vein is capped at 3 SCVs