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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terran Mech vs Zerg

Today I will be telling you a terran mech build against zerg

Block off ASAP to stop early zergling pressure and do not be afraid to pull SCV's to repair

Basic Build
Mech Transition

Some things you need to know:
  • Build the Factory close to the Barracks as you'll float it to its add-on.
  • Build the Command Center in-base so you can float it out upon securing safe passage.
  • Try to harass with any and all Hellions you have. Rally in new Hellions as you build them.
  • Build the Orbital Command add-on before moving the Command Center out of your base to play safe.
  • As you're playing Hellion-heavy, the Pre-Igniter should be the first Tech Lab upgrade you get. Although Hellions are not too effective versus Roaches, you should be able to successfully kite them until Siege Tanks are out.

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  1. well i do play terran but i blow at starcraft 2, thanks for the info will try it :)