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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Google and starcraft 2

someone posted a video of HDH and Painuser talking to google about cmpetitve starcraft 2 check it out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

seven percent more minerals early game

was just messing around with my probes early game when I discovered a trick that allows you to gain about a 7% mining rate with your workers. This can cut several seconds off your build. It requires alot of APM to fully utilize and is only really useful early game, which fortunately is when you have actions to spare. Personally, I find it very difficult to use this trick close to optimally, but even poor usage can save at least a second. I refer to this trick as mineral boosting.

all credit goes to sockfolde for the awesome find

Sunday, September 12, 2010

sme tips of the trade

this is the type of game where you do not get good over night.

Here are some tips you should imply every game.

1. constant scv production
this game is an economical game its the most important part

2.practice builds over and over
make it so its second nature to you

3. macro is important!
while fight build more units constant production is key

4. scout
you must i mean MUST SCOUT! if you do not scout how do you know what your opponent is doing?

5. expand
in the mid to late game one base is not enough you must push out and expand when you can

this comes with practice but learn when to attack and when not to

7. attack and expand
the object is to wipe out his army but if you lose a fight while taking out most of his forces than obviously he will not attack so its safe to expand

8. if your enemy are is an immobile one as in he is turtling then this mean you exploit his immobility by dropping his base? expanding? attacking his expansion where he cant get to in time? exploit his weakness and while doing this expand

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homestory Cup!

Its today! Go check it out on some great games are going on!

What race will top?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

huk mothership rushing

4 gaterush

  • 9 Pylon
  • 12 Gateway  + sent Probe to scout
  • 14 Assimilator
  • 16 Pylon
  • 18 Cybernetics Core
  • (19 Zealot)
  • 23 Pylon
  • 24 Stalker
  • 25 Warpgate research.
  • 27 Gateway
  • 28 Sentry
  • 30 Two Gateways
  • 31 Proxy Pylon
  1.  If the opponent is Zerg, building these building near the choke to create a wall is advisable.
  2.  This Zealot can be skipped in favor of a faster second Gateway depending on the map, spawn locations, matchup and scouting information. Against Zerg, a Zealot should always be made to block the entrance to the base.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips for the bronze silver and gold leagues...

scout on 9 - dont just go to bases scout around the map for cheese!
you will see so much cheese in the lower brackets its crazy but there is hope! if you spot a cheese before it happens chances are it will lose!


practice builds! macro is something you practice

continuous harvester production